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for you to pay for the breedable offspring!
Litter Art
Want some offspring drawn between two or more of your characters? Want to see what I can come up with with a few genetic phrases? Or maybe you just want me to take over designing a litter for a group for you? Such as Warriors-Bloodlines litters!

It's simple, just order this basic commission and it's good for a litter of three! Each offspring is hand-drawn and hand-designed, and can be altered however you wish/used however you wish upon purchase. I will do canines, felines, monsters, and more! If you like my designs then this is a great option for you to springboard off of a design you love to get even more!

-800 points will get you a litter of 3
-if you want/need more please know that it will be an additional 200 points per offspring!
-YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THE INDIVIDUAL ART for refs, etc, but may not claim it as your own
Lineless Headshots
A lineless small headshot of your character!
Please send in the request with a link to the reference of the character you want drawn. I will also draw real life animals should you want an image done of your pet! Humanoids will not be drawn!!!

You will be given the original file over stash, and kept updated on the progress.
If you prefer to pay in USD it will be $4.00 over Paypal. Just drop me a note!
Character Sheets
A sheet including a lineless headshot, a fullbody, and a fullbody with shading. Will be done digitally without a background. Can be of the same character or of a combination of different characters!

-Will only draw animals/monsters/creatures no humanoids
-Please send in the commission request via this widget including links to the ref(s) and a description of any specifics you want included/done
-If you would rather send $25 instead of 2500 points then please drop me a note!
-You will be provided with a stash link to the original file
-All work done at 300 dpi or greater!

Normally a fullbody costs $15/1500 points, a lineless headshot costs $4/400 points.
This is a $34/3400 point value for only $25/2500 points!
Finally done with finals and can keep going on these! Thanks for your patience!


We have reached our goal but if you would like to still donate so that we can commission new work (even from our members) and get new stuff set up for the page, then feel free! I'm going to be honest and say that some of these points are going directly to my admin team to pay them for all the UNPAID WORK they have been doing the past year in the group! These prizes will still be open through Friday! That gives you until October 28th to donate! For those who are wondering if there are additional tiers we are going to offer up these next tiers:

1100 | (everything you'd get for 1000 points) + headshot from chlckadee 
1200 | (everything aforementioned) + left-handed scribble from little-ashen-finch (never seen them? they're derpy as hell, get a laugh!)
1300 | (everything aforementioned) + bust from chlckadee
1400 | (everything aforementioned) + human AU drabble either about your character or about a set of characters from ITR by little-ashen-finch 
1500 | (everything aforementioned) + fullbody from chlckadee
1600 | (everything aforementioned) + a private roleplay with any NPC (including the mysterious Ian or Leda who have not been given refs yet~)
1700 | (everything aforementioned) + pmv from chlckadee (no more than 30sec)
1800 | (everything aforementioned) + a private 30 minute question session with Ash where you can ask ANYTHING about plot/npcs/etc and get HONEST LEGIT ANSWERS that YOU CANNOT SHARE WITH THE REST OF THE GROUP!!!!!!!
1900 | (everything aforementioned) + a fullbody drawing of one of your ITR cats by little-ashen-finch 
2000 | (everything aforementioned) + a breeding with ANY NPC in the list, depending on your character, the plot, and what you have in mind: Dom, Arietta, Burton, Vlad, Amelia, Hamilton, Blade, Mint, Salamander, Scarlet, Lotus, Heron (this can either be an ADDITIONAL breeding OR a replacement for your previously earned breeding)


IntoTheRuins is an amazing group that I have been blessed to be in charge of with a super fantastic admin team, but now our super group status is running out! We need about 4000 points to keep the group up and running! So we have gone ahead and set up some donation tiers. Please donate points to the widget on my page and please fill out the form below:

Your username:
Number of points donated:
List what prizes you want: (this includes refs, npc you want an interaction with, whatever you have won that we need to know details about)
Why you want to help support ITR:

If we end up going over our goal we will use the extra points to make the page even more beautiful and compensate artists for their time of drawing us new header art/front page art/etc! Thank you all for your support!

Notes | Lucky's breeding has been taken!

50 points | A shoutout feature on little-ashen-finch 's page! Get seen by over 500 followers and get your art praised by someone who genuinely loves each of you!

100 points | A shoutout (stated above) and a free accessory from ITR's Warrior Shop!

200 points | A shoutout (stated above) and TWO free accessories from ITR's Warrior Shop!

300 points | A shoutout, 2 free accessories, and a totally private one on one roleplay with an NPC of your choice!

400 points | A shoutout, 2 free accessories, a private NPC roleplay, and a lineless headshot from little-ashen-finch

500 points | A shoutout, 2 free accessories, a private NPC roleplay, and TWO lineless headshots from little-ashen-finch

600 points | A shoutout, 2 free accessories, a private NPC roleplay, TWO lineless headshots from Ash, AND a drabble from Ash

700 points | A shoutout, 2 free accessories, a private NPC roleplay, TWO lineless headshots from Ash, a drabble from Ash, AND a guaranteed litter with Hamilton (dMab), Burton (dMab), Mint (dFab), or Lucky (dFab) *

800 points | All previously mentioned prizes AND a lined bust by Ash

900 points | All previously mentioned prizes AND a voucher for pulling into your chat of choice ANY NPC you want! By any means!

1000 points | All previously mentioned prizes AND a donor's slot (an extra character slot that you do not need to pay CT for, so if you have 5 now you have 6~)

*Please note that the dFab cats can only be bred once and these tiers are first come first serve for letting us know who you want a litter with.

If you have questions let me know below! Please note that if you do NOT fill out the form in the comments we will presume you are just being a good Samaritan and you won't be badgered to come pick up your prizes!

(For ease of the admins, particularly Ash, in keeping up with what we still owe/what has happened with your prizes. Check your name below to be sure that things are up to date. If you donated but didn't fill in a form, that's why you are not listed here!)

MrSpiduh | 2400
-Robin Feather, Blue Jay Feather (marked and done in shop)
-lineless headshot (completed> Overcompensating )
-private NPC roleplay with Vlad (completed via Skype)
-lineless headshot (completed > I Want It I Want It )
-drabble (completed > An Old Man and His Sea )
-left handed scribble (completed> when someone mentions birds
-drabble human AU (completed > How Did We Get Here? )
-fullbody of Batfang by chlckadee completed
-PMV to note chlckadee about KARS NOTE YODO RIGHT NOW!!!! otherwise we won't make it for u
-30 minute question session (COMPLETED)
-fullbody completed A Million Summers
-litter with Vlad and Coppersun (//sends vlad to archclan right now...))

Avomeir | 200
-Baltimore Oriole Feather (completed)

RiverRekt | 1000
-Snowy Owl Feather, Crow Feather (marked and done in shop)
-private NPC roleplay with Arietta (completed)
-lineless headshot (completed> I Think I'm In Love Again )
-lineless headshot (completed> Find Out What We're Made Of )
-romantic drabble of Doebristle and Rainflower (completed> We're Like Symphonies, With You I'm Alive )
-NPC summons of Burton to ArchClan (completed via Skype)
-extra donor character slot (added to sheet)

neritiq | 1000
-reserving two accessory slots for later
-private NPC roleplay with Talon (not yet started)complete
-extra donor character slot (added to sheet)
-lineless headshot (completed> As Long As I Can Feel The Beat )
-lineless headshot (completed> My Heart Continues To Beat )
-bust completed Answer The Call And Don't Delay
-drabble (completed> Live Like Tomorrow Doesn't Exist )

ThreeEyeRaven | 700
-private NPC roleplay with Lucky (completed)
-litter with NPC Lucky (completed)
-lineless headshot (completed Got A Room Got A Cat
-lineless headshot complete Leave It At That
-Bluejay Feather, Blue Bunting Feather (marked and done in shop)
-drabble (completed> Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride )

acronotusoccultus | 2000
-extra donor character slot (added to sheet)
-bust (completed> Big Girls Can Cry )
-voucher for 2 items to be used later
-private NPC roleplay with Tempest (in progress via Skype)
-lineless headshot (completed > Miss The Lights )
-lineless headshot (completed > You've Had Enough )
-drabble completed The Ember of a Dream
-headshot of Agate by chlckadee (completed> Agate )
-left handed scribble complete Mother Mary Holds Baby Jesus (c) 1406
-bust of Embersight by chlckadee (completed> Embersight )
-human AU drabble (completed> I Don't Want to Give Up on You  )
-fullbody of Briarstar by chlckadee (completed> Briarstar )
-PMV by chlckadee  of Littlefang (note one another to work it out) (completed> [link]  )
-fullbody completed Don't You Worry Bout A Thing

DoubleStuffedOreos | 200
-Flamingo Feather, Barn Owl Feather (marked and done in shop)

polaskia | 600
-Crane Feather, Blue Jay Feather (marked and done in shop)
-private NPC roleplay with Arietta (completed)
-drabble (completed)
-lineless headshot completed Staring Catatonic Out The Window
-lineless headshot completed The Brilliant Girl Who Inspires Me

Koeyna | 100
-Orthoclase Feldspar Necklace (marked and done in shop)

cometfurs | 1200
-Cardinal Feather
-other free accessory saved for future
-private NPC roleplay with Burton (completed)
-lineless headshot completed All of the Ten Thousand Women You Are
-lineless headshot completed You Want The Last Word
-drabble (completed> Getting Better All the Time )
-donor's slot (added to sheet)
-bust completed Show Em What You're Worth
-left-handed scribble completed I OBJECT FATHER I SAY

Terranorted | 2000
-wants to reserve a flower
-Screech Owl Feather (noted in the shop, taken care of)
-lineless headshot completed
-lineless headshot completed
-headshot of Sloeblossom by chlckadee
-left handed scribble
-bust of Crookedstick by chlckadee
-PMV to be noted to chlckadee
-donor slot (added to sheet)
-fullbody completed



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