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River Kit
Only pay here if you're River and getting a cute little kitten!
TeacupChimera COMMISSION
Please only pay here if you are TeacupChimera 
Litter Art
Want some offspring drawn between two or more of your characters? Want to see what I can come up with with a few genetic phrases? Or maybe you just want me to take over designing a litter for a group for you? Such as Warriors-Bloodlines litters!

It's simple, just order this basic commission and it's good for a litter of three! Each offspring is hand-drawn and hand-designed, and can be altered however you wish/used however you wish upon purchase. I will do canines, felines, monsters, and more! If you like my designs then this is a great option for you to springboard off of a design you love to get even more!

-800 points will get you a litter of 3
-if you want/need more please know that it will be an additional 200 points per offspring!
-YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THE INDIVIDUAL ART for refs, etc, but may not claim it as your own
Lineless Headshots
A lineless small headshot of your character!
Please send in the request with a link to the reference of the character you want drawn. I will also draw real life animals should you want an image done of your pet! Humanoids will not be drawn!!!

You will be given the original file over stash, and kept updated on the progress.
If you prefer to pay in USD it will be $4.00 over Paypal. Just drop me a note!
Character Sheets
A sheet including a lineless headshot, a fullbody, and a fullbody with shading. Will be done digitally without a background. Can be of the same character or of a combination of different characters!

-Will only draw animals/monsters/creatures no humanoids
-Please send in the commission request via this widget including links to the ref(s) and a description of any specifics you want included/done
-If you would rather send $25 instead of 2500 points then please drop me a note!
-You will be provided with a stash link to the original file
-All work done at 300 dpi or greater!

Normally a fullbody costs $15/1500 points, a lineless headshot costs $4/400 points.
This is a $34/3400 point value for only $25/2500 points!
Hello fellow Warriors-Bloodlines members!!!
As some of you may know I have a massive number of cats that are getting on in their years in my WB plot! Before I let them slide to StarClan though, I figured I would see if anyone was interested in a breeding with them! If you are then please comment below with this form:
Cat Of Mine You Are Interested In:
Cat(s) of Yours You Are Offering to Breed With:
Who do you want to draw the litter?:
I will look through comments! This is not first come first serve, it's just me finding one that catches my eye. Feel free to ask to breed with as many as you want, some may have more than one litter left in 'em before they're scripted to die!

dMab Cats

Lizardtrail by little-ashen-finch
This guy throws a munchkin in every litter thus far! If you are interested please let me know! He has plenty of litters left and decent fertility and stats so hit him up! He will probably pass away the soonest out of these boys!
Planned Litters (In order of happening)
x [ WB ] Fernpool ( ssleepy )

Heronpaw by little-ashen-finch
Rejected by Emberflare, he's sullen and broken. He has some time before he will be killed off, but that's definitely endgame for him so if you want a litter with this solid gray boy then grab it!
Planned Litters (In order of happening)
x Cinnamon Tortie ( yeahactually  )

Lightpaw by little-ashen-finch
Lightfang is another who is scripted for an earlier than normal death. So before that happens be sure to snag a litter with him!
Planned Litters (In order of happening)

dFab Cats

Marigoldpatch by little-ashen-finch
This absolute darling has an unknown fate. It is unlikely she will live much longer than Lizardtrail though, so if you'd like to snag a kitten or two with her then go for it!
Planned Litters (In order of happening)

Whitewhisper by little-ashen-finch
I have had this beauty for forever but she's gotten older. One last litter and then she's probably on her way to StarClan!
Planned Litters (In order of happening)
x Egretthroat  ( RiverRekt )
x [ WB ] Reedfur  ( ssleepy )

If you have any questions let me know! Most of my other cats are up for breeding as well but priority will be given to these five!



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